The Bandit 65 Summer Tour (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel, Tim Motzer, Gintas Janusonis) concluded last evening in epic style at the Lagarina Jazz Festival in the beautiful Trento region of Northern Italy, surrounded by an infinity of vineyards and gorgeous mountain landscapes at the foothills of the Italian Alps. This band is telepathic! The music never fails to astound us every time we play, even if we think we played a difficult show, the recordings prove us wrong—a totally profound experience. Audiences have been extremely receptive, happy and vibrated by our music.

Lagarina Jazz Fest was our 5th Festival concert in Italy and, including Spain, our 8th concert over all. Since May, Bandit 65 played 14 concerts throughout Europe with most recorded for release on Heartcore in 2017.

Backtracking, in Italy we played Rome (Casa del Jazz), Firenze (Plazzia di Michaelangelo), Calabria in the mountains in Rosanno at Chiostro di San Bernhardino for the Peperincino Jazz Festival. A few days off for mozzarella and wonderful food in Reggio di Calabria (Once known as Saturnia many centuries ago), and the amazing beach and seafood (best EVER!) at Scilla. The final concerts were the Viggiano Jazz Festival high in the mountains of Potenza, and, the Lagarina Jazz Festival—after a 3.5 hour 150km/hr van speeding to Rome followed by a 2.5 hr train to Trento in the North Italia. Whew! Trento’s beautiful surroundings are beyond words and were a perfect setting for our last show of a truly magnificent tour! Bravo! Many thanks, gratitude, and love to Kurt and Gintas; new friends Toti, Alessio, Felipe, Marina, Katherin, Giuseppe, Marco, Chevi and the many crew and sound folks who made everything so special for us. This band and tour has truly been one of the most remarkable musical experiences I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of. We travelled the spaceways!! We worked hard, kicked ass, played epic concerts, and enjoyed all the cool folks, amazing travel, wonderful food and wine that Spain & Italy offered us. I’ll be reflecting on this tour for sometime and looking forward to the next ones!! Next stop Berlin. (TM)

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