Tour update: (Living the Dream part 4) Rossano, Italy
I was pick pocketed at Duomo in Firenze, almost lost my passport & wallet but thankfully got that back but they DID steal my phone unfortunately. So until I can figure this out, please contact me via FB or email.

Meanwhile traveling and epic concerts continue. We played at Plazalle de Michelangelo 8/4 in Firenze, a very beautifully curated location. From the stage, we looked out over a panorama of the river, bridges, churches, Duomo, and city. Great sound on the stage.

Early morning 8/5 traveled to Calabria. Two trains. First train air conditioned business class very comfortable for 2.5 hours. Unfortunately the second train wasn’t so accommodating. Our agent couldn’t get us on regional train to Calabria as it was sold out, so we travelled in a local train that stopped constantly, no air conditioning to speak of, and packt full of people—a giant rolling sweatbox for 4 hours! We are traveling with 11 pieces of luggage including 2 guitars, 3 pedalboards, cymbals, percussion, & clothes—so an awful lot of stuff to keep track of traveling this way. Upon arriving Kurt discovered a killer carniceria where we ate the most incredible mozzarella and prochuito sandwiches after 8 hours of traveling—followed by espresso & gelato. This brought us back to life! Then a 2 hour drive ascending into the mountains with breathtaking vistas to Peperocino Jazz Festival set inside a beautiful monastery, Chiostro di San Bernardino, in Rossano. Such a special setting for a night of Bandit 65 music, a sold out concert to a lovely smiling audience. Today 8/6 traveling to Reggio Calabria (2 hours), where we grab some much needed rest for a few days on the Mediteranean Sea. More soon. (TM)

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